New York-based GreenShift's corn oil extraction process demonstrates consistent yield of more than 4 gallons of corn oil per 100 gallons of ethanol produced, a higher rate than EPA predicted

NEW YORK , November 9, 2010 (press release) – GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GERS) today announced that its patented corn oil extraction processes have consistently demonstrated record levels of performance.

David Winsness, GreenShift’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “We are proud to announce that one of our licensees, the first to have installed our full patented Method I corn oil extraction process, has demonstrated consistent production of more than 4 gallons of corn oil for each 100 gallons of ethanol produced, or more than about 0.83 pounds of corn oil per bushel of corn processed into ethanol.

This rate is equal to more than 60% of the rate predicted by the EPA earlier this year and additional ethanol producer income, net of GreenShift royalties, of more than $0.06 per gallon of ethanol produced at current market prices. While each ethanol plant is unique and has many variables which will affect its corn oil yield, these results are achievable with a properly designed, capitalized, integrated and operated extraction system.”

In the final rule for the expanded Renewable Fuel Standard published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency earlier this year, the EPA stated its prediction that 70% of the U.S. corn ethanol industry will use backend corn oil extraction technology to produce over 680,000,000 gallons of corn oil per year by 2022, a rate which corresponds to about 6.5 gallons of corn oil for every 100 gallons of ethanol produced. The EPA also estimated that ethanol producers using backend corn oil extraction could increase their profit by about $0.079 per gallon of ethanol produced.

GreenShift offers its licensees access to a deep innovation portfolio and extensive process know-how, refined by more than six years of corn oil extraction experience. GreenShift partners with its licensees to deliver win-win solutions, from systems design and integration to ongoing support services, all designed to optimize the benefits of corn oil extraction to meet the specific needs of GreenShift’s licensees.

GreenShift’s technical services staff are available at 888-ETHANOIL or to respond to quotation requests and to answer any questions about GreenShift’s patented corn oil extraction and other technologies.

About GreenShift Corporation

GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GERS) develops and commercializes clean technologies designed to address the financial and environmental needs of its clients by decreasing raw material needs, facilitating co-product reuse, and reducing the generation of wastes and emissions. GreenShift’s mission is to build shareholder value by using its technologies to catalyze disruptive environmental gain. GreenShift believes that the first, best and most cost-effective way to achieve this is to develop technology-driven economic incentives that motivate large populations of people and companies to make incremental environmental contributions that are collectively very significant. With adoption by most of the U.S. ethanol industry, GreenShift’s commercially-available technologies can give way to disruptive gains by enabling sustainably increased production of globally-meaningful quantities of renewable fuels for distribution through existing supply chains. GreenShift also maintains its strong commitment to continued innovation and has many additional patents pending for its Backend Fractionation™ portfolio of strategically-compatible cleantech designed to continue driving the corn ethanol industry into increased sustainability and global competitiveness. Additional information on GreenShift and its technologies is available online at

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