Chase debuts 'world's first' biodegradable, tear-resistant envelope using oxo-biodegradable film laminated between two sheets of paper

PHILADELPHIA , October 29, 2008 (press release) – In an important advance for envelope manufacturers, Chase Corporations PaperTyger® division is now offering the worlds first fully biodegradable, tear-resistant envelope paper. The product was introduced at the Envelope Manufacturers Association meeting in Philadelphia on October 25th and is available for orders now. PaperTyger Green contains a new oxo-biodegradable film laminated between two sheets of paper. The special film enables the product to be landfilled with no harm to the environment--a first in the global market for durable papers. The paper used comes from sustainable sources that are either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified.

Envelopes for protection, safety and security of documents or goods are one of the highest-margin, fastest-growing products in the envelope industry today.

Because of its unmatched environmental advantage, PaperTyger Green is the obvious choice today for durable envelope substrates, said Adam Chase, president of Chase Corporation, manufacturer and marketer of PaperTyger Green. PaperTyger Green can also make a solid contribution to the growth and prosperity of envelope manufacturers at a time when electronic substitution for paper is rising.

A super-durable envelope that poses absolutely no harm to the environment is the biggest innovation in envelopes since the durable nonwoven, added Jim Lordi, director of Chases PaperTyger business and founder of PaperTyger. Neither nonwovens nor other synthetic durable papers can compete on environmental responsibility, printability and ease of converting.

Oxo-biodegradable means exposure to oxygen and/or heat breaks down the plastic into three components: carbon dioxide, water and uncontaminated, natural biomass. There is no other residual. In addition, no harsh solvents are used in PaperTygers laminating process, no VOCs are created and Chase Corporation is an Energy Star partner.

Envelope manufacturers that can provide customers with fully biodegradable durable papers will have a strong business advantage over their competitors, said Lordi. PaperTyger Green delivers the ultimate in environmental responsibility and durability today.

PaperTyger Green is patent-pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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