Industry Intelligence helps you grow

Our partners from Industry Intelligence are providing member companies of ICMAD access to their valuable market intelligence service at a very generous ICMAD-only rate. This will empower members with one-seat access to the same service that the Board and ICMAD staff have utilized.

Get a 360-degree view at the industry in minutes on your phone, tablet or computer. See why beauty and personal care companies of all sizes rely on Industry Intelligence to deliver a daily pulse on:

  • Beauty retail tends
  • New product introductions
  • Regulatory/technical issues

Industry Intelligence has 18 years of success delivering relevant market information that stimulates collaboration, improves decision-making, enables quicker action, and enables your organization to grow.

Inundated with emails every day from brands, industry sources, and the like, Industry Intelligence has been a timesaver for me.  They deliver timely, organized, and relevant information which helps keep me apprised of what's happening in our market.  They also make it easy to share the content with colleagues.

Jonalee Barbalunga -Marketing and Brand Planning at Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

I look forward to my daily email from Industry Intelligence with timely and relevant personal care industry headlines and photos. Whether on my computer or phone, its incredibly easy to drill down to what’s most relevant to me.  Can’t imagine what I did before I had it. Thanks to Pam and the ICMAD Board for bringing this service to the entire membership.

Joseph Atencio -Partner at Yellow Wood Partners LLC


Sign up now for a month of free service. You will not be charged if you cancel before your free month ends. If you choose to continue, your credit card will automatically be charged $30 per month (a 75% discount from standard rates). Cancel hassle free with no risk at any time with no commitments.

Sample report: