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Symrise to collaborate with Wageningen University and Research in project to research legumes and develop pulse-based protein alternatives; companies aim to create ingredients that come from responsibly sourced and processed raw materials

Temperatures in a tiny forest might be up to 20 degrees below those in streets, offering a solution to drought and heat stress in urban areas; tiny forests also store water during heavy rain and boost urban biodiversity: Wageningen Environmental Research

Study finds consumer appreciation of eco-design elements of food packaging can 'spill over' to conventional benefits such as convenience, aesthetic quality; 'spill-over effect' also prevents consumers from perceiving certain drawbacks of the packaging

Symrise and Wageningen University launch Pulses Optimized for Flavor and Functionality project with aim of creating sustainable, traceable proteins sourced from legumes; goals include optimal taste and functionality for use in complex foods

Netherlands-based Wageningen Food & Biobased Research creates roadmap to more sustainable packaging for three companies that won Unpack your Challenge; Wageningen says it also offers companies, organizations the opportunity to jointly prepare a roadmap

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