Seventy-two percent of U.S. men surveyed by Men's Health magazine say they check prices online before making purchases; 56% of men read online reviews

NEW YORK , March 6, 2012 (press release) – Men’s Health today announced the results of its online ManScan Study, conducted in partnership with GfK Roper Reports, reporting on the state of men today. The findings show that today’s men are evolving and adapting to the challenges of these times, including the recession, the increasing number of women who out-earn their spouses, and men’s altered roles in the family structure.

“The data uncovered in the ManScan suggests that as men evolve their attitudes to suit the times, so do their interests, priorities and behaviors.” said Cary Silvers, Director of Consumer Insights for Men’s Health. “With men placing more emphasis on being well-rounded, a successful life is determined beyond the traditional narrow dimensions of work and career. Advertisers and marketers should answer with programs that target this modern man—and they already are."

The study showed that 67 percent of men feel that their overall life is the same as, or better than, it was as before the recession. Although they still consider career and finances important, they are shifting their focus to family, social life, emotional well-being and physical appearance and health.

Career and finance statistics are a little sobering…

Only 57% of men say their career is better than, or the same as, it was before the recession
Just 42% of men say their financial state is better than, or the same as, it was before the recession

However, there is more to men than career and money…

77% of men say their relationship with their spouse is better or the same
71% of men say their social life is better or the same
70% of men say their physical appearance is better or the same
69% of men say their emotional well-being is better or the same
67% of men say their physical health is better or the same

“This latest version of ManScan shows how adaptable men are as they look to meet today’s challenges, valuing new ideas and a strong desire to be well-rounded,” said Ronan Gardiner, Publisher of Men’s Health.

1. Being well-rounded is the new goal for men today

69% of men aspire to be well-rounded
76% of men say they are easy going
69% of men say they are open to new ideas

2. Men expect a more equal partnership with their spouses

Although 30% of women outearn their spouses today, eight in 10 men are “completely happy” or “ok” with it, illustrating that men are achieving higher life satisfaction based on more than just their earning status
47% of men say they equally share in food shopping with their spouses
44% of men say they equally share in house cleaning with their spouses
32% of men say they equally share in child care with their spouses

3. Men are using technology to become better shoppers

72% of men check prices online before making a purchase
56% of men read online reviews before making a purchase

4. Men consider health and fitness key factors for personal success

Fitness is not a “nice-to-have” that men aspire to but a “need-to-have” difference-maker in this challenging economy
Fittest men are the most successful men – in every way
Among men who watch what they eat and exercise regularly…
64% say they are more successful in their career vs. all men 48%
40% say they have a high paying job vs. all men 25%
47% say they own a big house vs. all men 32%

In collaboration with GfK Roper, which has been tracking men through its Roper Reports surveys since 1973, Men’s Health conducted this in-depth survey online with more than 3,000 male participants between 18-65 years old from May to June of 2011.

In sum, the Men’s Health ManScan showed that the modern man is strong and confident, despite challenges; hardworking, easygoing and well-rounded, as well as comfortable in his own skin.

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