China's TiO2 consumption during H1 2011 reached 758,391 tonnes, posted CAGR of 11.34% from 2006 to 2010, report says; consumption in coating, plastics and papermaking industries posted CAGR of 16.67% from 2006 to 2010, reached 1,243,032 tonnes

DUBLIN , February 23, 2012 (press release) – Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Consumption and Benchmarking of Titanium Dioxide in China" report to their offering.

“Consumption and Benchmarking of Titanium Dioxide in China”

China is one of the largest consumers of titanium dioxide in the world. From 2006 to 2010, the apparent consumption of domestic titanium dioxide has witnessed an increasing trend with CAGR of 11.34%. In H1 2011, the apparent consumption volume of titanium dioxide is about 758,391 tonnes.

What is the detailed consumption pattern of domestic titanium dioxide? In general, coating, plastics and papermaking are the major three consumption fields of titanium dioxide in China in the past five years. T

The consumption volume in these three fields increased from 670,788 tonnes in 2006 to 1,243,032 tonnes in 2010, with CAGR of 16.67%.

And in H1 2011, the consumption volume in these three fields accounts for about 81.5% of the total consumption.

In addition, titanium dioxide can also be used in other fields, such as welding rod, enamel, ceramic tile, cosmetic, drugs, leather and food. What is the precise consumption of different end users in China? Speaking of the production cost of titanium dioxide in China, two kinds of costs are concerned, namely direct cost and indirect cost. The former one takes the major part of the production cost of titanium dioxide. What is the detailed production cost of the major domestic manufacturers? In general, four Chinese titanium dioxide manufacturers are discussed, namely Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Jinzhou Titanium), Sichuan Lomon Titanium Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Lomon), Pangang Group Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.(Pangang Titanium), Shanghai Jianghu Titanium White Product Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Jianghu). What are the reasons behink choosing the four manufacturers for cost analysis?

In H1 2011, among the four manufacturers, the production cost of Jinzhou Titanium is highest accounting for USD2.61/kg; the gross profit is USD0.41/kg. What is the precise production cost and profit analysis of titanium dioxide of the four manufacturers? You can find the answers in this report. Highlights of this report are listed as follows:

Apparent consumption of titanium dioxide in China
Consumption pattern of titanium dioxide in different end users
Production information of different end users in China
Production cost of titanium dioxide of domestic manufacturers
Profit information of titanium dioxide of domestic manufacturers

Companies Mentioned:

Nippon Coating (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
Carpoly Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Jotun Coating (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
Akzonobel Changcheng Coating (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jizhong High Polymer Co., Ltd.

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