Alabama cotton farmers expecting banner year amid good crops, high prices; nearly 70% of state's cotton crop harvested

MONTGOMERY, Alabama , November 7, 2011 () – Alabama cotton farmers say they're seeing a combination of good crops and good prices they haven't witnessed in more than a decade.

Authorities say the crops are bringing higher prices than they've brought in years.

Autauga County cotton farmer Euel Screws tells The Montgomery Advertiser that this year's crop is "phenomenal."

He said that two years ago cotton was selling for about 70 cents a pound. This year, prices have hovered around a dollar.

Buddy Adamson, director of Alabama Farmers Federation's cotton division, estimates that about 70% of Alabama's cotton already has been picked.

Authorities say the good fortune for Alabama farmers has a lot to do with good and bad weather -- good weather for them and bad weather for other farmers.

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