Virginia officials offering agriculture producers opportunity to showcase products at May trade event in Montreal as state's agricultural exports to Canada increased significantly over past three years

RICHMOND, Virginia , October 24, 2011 () – Virginia officials are offering agricultural producers an opportunity to showcase their products in Canada.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says the May trade event in Montreal offers producers the opportunity to introduce their products to one of the state's largest trading partners.

Officials say that Canada was Virginia's largest export market in 2010 and the state's agricultural exports to Canada have increased dramatically over the past three years.

Bakery products, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes, and pork and poultry exports have experienced increases. The increasingly urban population is demanding more convenience, value, nutrition and ethnic diversity in food products

Canada's trade with the United States totals more than $500 billion a year and costs are kept low due to proximity and trade agreements.

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