UK Intellectual Property Office publishes application for trademark 'Harvey Bold' to Kevin Davies for multiple goods including paper napkins

Nevin Barich

Nevin Barich

Nov 27, 2013 – U.K. Government News

SOUTH WALES, United Kingdom , November 27, 2013 () – Kevin Davies, London, has filed the trademark "Harvey Bold" on Oct. 25 for multiple goods.

The trademark application (journal number: 2013/047) was published on Nov. 22.

The description of the mark registered is: "3D decals for use on any surface;Activity books;Address books;Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive bands for stationery purposes;Adhesive foils stationery;Adhesive labels;Adhesive lettering;Adhesive note pads;Adhesive note paper;Adhesive pads [stationery];Adhesive paper;Adhesive printed labels;Adhesive stickers;Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use;Adhesive tape for stationery purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes;Adhesive tapes for stationery purposes;Adhesive transfers;Adhesive wall decorations of paper;Adhesive-backed letters and numbers;Adhesives for stationery and household use;Adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Adhesives for stationery purposes;Adhesives [glues] for stationery or household purposes;Advent calendars;Advertisement boards of card;Advertisement boards of cardboard;Advertisement boards of paper;Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard;Advertising publications;Advertising signs of cardboard;Advertising signs of paper;Advertising signs of paper or cardboard;Air bubble plastics for packaging;Air bubble plastics for wrapping;Airtight packaging of cardboard;Airtight packaging of paper;Albums;Albums for stickers;Almanachs;Almanacs;Angle guides [drawing instruments];Angle plotters [drawing instruments];Animation cells;Announcement cards [stationery];Arithmetical tables;Art paper;Art prints;Artists' brushes;Artists' charcoals;Artists' materials;Artists' modelling materials;Artists' paint brushes;Atlases;Attachments for pencils;Autograph books;Babies' bibs of paper;Baby books;Bags (Conical paper -);Bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging;Bags incorporating bubble plastics for packaging;Bags made of plastics for packaging;Bags of bubble plastics for packaging;Baking cases of paper;Ball pens;Ball point pens;Ballpoint pen refills;Ballpoint pens;Ball-point pens;Ballpoint refill cartridges;Balls for ball-point pens;Bibs of paper;Binders;Binders (Loose-leaf -);Binders [stationery];Binding materials for books and papers;Binding strips [bookbinding];Biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials];Birthday cards;Blackboard erasers [chalk erasers];Blackboard rulers;Blackboards;Blank cards;Blister cards;Blister packs for packaging;Block notepads;Book binders;Book binding materials;Book bindings;Book covers;Book ends;Book holders;Book jackets;Book markers;Book markers of precious metal;Book marks;Book wrappings;Bookbinding cloth;Bookbinding cords;Bookbinding covers;Bookbinding material;Bookbinding materials;Bookbinding strips;Bookbinding tape;Bookbinding wire;Bookbindings;Bookends;Booklets;Bookmarkers;Bookmarks;Books;Bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper;Bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper;Bows (decorative-) for wrapping;Bows for decorating packaging;Bows (Paper -);Boxes for pens;Boxes made of cardboard;Boxes made of fibreboard;Boxes made of paper;Boxes of cardboard;Boxes of cardboard or paper;Boxes of paper;Brown paper for wrapping;Brushes for the application of paints;Bubble packs;Bubble packs for packaging;Bubble packs for wrapping;Bubble packs (Plastic -) for wrapping or packaging;Bubble packs (plastic-) for wrapping or packaging;Bulk paper;Bulldog clips;Bumper stickers;Bunting [paper];Business card paper [semi-finished];Business cards;Calculating tables;Calendar-finished paper;Calendars;Car stickers;Card indexes;Cardboard ;Cardboard boxes;Cardboard cake boxes;Cardboard containers;Cardboard floor display units for merchandising products;Cardboard gift boxes;Cardboard mailing tubes;Cardboard packaging;Cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form;Cardboard packaging boxes in made-up form;Cardboard shipping containers;Cardboard tubes;Cards ;Carrier bags;Cartons made from corrugated board;Cartons of card for packaging;Cartons of cardboard for packaging;Cartoon strips;Cartridges (ink-) for writing instruments;Cases for pencils;Cases for pens;Cases made of corrugated cardboard;Catalogues;Chalk;Chalk boards;Chalk boards [blackboards];Chalk erasers;Chalk (Marking -);Chalk sticks;Chalkboards;Chalks;Chalks for artists' use;Chalks for colouring;Chalks for drawing;Charcoal for drawing;Charcoal pencils;Charts;Children's activity books;Children's comics;Children's paint-boxes;Children's storybooks;Christmas cards;Chromolithographs;Chromolithographs [chromos];Chromos;Cling film plastics for packaging;Clip boards;Clipboards;Clips for letters;Clips for paper [stationery];Clips (Money -);Cloth for bookbinding;Cloth paper;Coated paper;Collapsible boxes of paper;Collapsible cardboard boxes;Collectable cards;Collector's photographs of players;Colorboard [colored paperboard];Coloring books;Colour charts;Colour pencils;Colour pens;Colour sample cards;Coloured chalk;Coloured lead pencils;Coloured pencils;Coloured pens;Colouring books;Colouring crayons;Colouring pencils;Colouring pens;Comic books;Comic strips;Comic strips' comic features;Comics;Compasses for drawing;Containers of card for packaging;Containers of paper for packaging;Containers of paper for packaging purposes;Cookery books;Copy books;Copybooks;Copying paper [stationery];Cords for bookbinding;Correspondence cards;Correspondence folders;Corrugated board;Corrugated boxes;Corrugated cardboard;Corrugated cardboard boxes;Corrugated paper;Corrugated paperboard;Covering materials for books;Covers for books;Covers [stationery];Crayons;Cream containers of paper;Crepe paper;Crepe paper streamers;Crossword puzzles;Curve templates [drawing instruments];Decalcomanias;Decals;Decorations for pencils;Decorations of cardboard for foodstuffs;Decorative paper bows for wrapping;Decorative pencil-top ornaments;Decorative wrapping paper;Decorators' paintbrushes;Desk agendas;Desk blotters;Desk calendars;Desk diaries;Desk organisers;Desk pads;Desk top organizers;Desk top planners;Diagrams;Diaries;Diaries [printed matter];Digital printing paper;Display banners of paper;Display binders;Document covers;Document files;Document files [stationery];Document holders [stationery];Document markers;Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use;Drafting compasses;Drafting curves;Drafting instruments;Drafting rulers;Drafting squares;Drafting templates;Drafting triangles;Drawing board pins;Drawing boards;Drawing books;Drawing brushes;Drawing curves;Drawing instruments;Drawing instruments for blackboards;Drawing materials;Drawing materials for blackboards;Drawing pads;Drawing paper;Drawing pens;Drawing pins;Drawing rulers;Drawing sets;Drawing squares;Drawing stencils;Drawing templates;Drawing triangles;Drawing T-squares;Drawings;Dry transfer characters;Dry transfer lettering;Encyclopaedias;Engraving plates;Engraving sheets;Engravings;Engravings and their reproductions;Engravings [prints];Entry tickets;Envelope paper;Envelope papers;Envelopes;Envelopes for stationery use;Envelopes [stationery];Erasers;Erasing products;Etching needles;Etching pens;Etching sheets;Etchings;Exercise books;Exercise-book covers;Extensions for pencils;Fabrics for bookbinding;Felt marking pens;Felt tip markers;Felt-tip pens;Fiber paper;Fiberboard boxes;Fiber-tip markers;Fibertip pens;Figures made of paper;Figurines made from cardboard;Figurines made from paper;Figurines [statuettes] of papier mche;File binders;File cases;File covers;File dividers;File guides;File indexes;Files [stationery];Filing cards;Filing cases;Filing containers;Film pens;Fine paper;Fingerprint kits;Flags of paper;Flash cards;Flipcharts;Fluorescent paper;Fluting paper [corrugating medium];Flyers;Foils of plastic for packaging;Foils of plastic for wrapping;Folders;Folders for letters;Folders for papers;Folders [stationery];Folios;Forms, printed;Fountain pen ink cartridges;Fountain pens;French curves;Gel roller pens;Geographical maps;Gift bags;Gift boxes;Gift cards;Gift cartons;Gift certificates;Gift packaging;Gift paper;Gift tags;Gift vouchers;Gift wrap;Gift wrap paper;Gift wrapping foil;Gift wraps;Gift-wrapping paper;Glassine paper;Glitter glue for stationery purposes;Glitter pens for stationery purposes;Glue for stationery or household purposes;Glue pens for stationery purposes;Gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes;Graph paper;Graphic art prints;Graphic art reproductions;Graphic drawings;Graphic prints;Graphic representations;Graphic reproductions;Graphs;Greeting cards;Greetings cards;Guide books;Gummed cloth for stationery purposes;Gummed paper;Gummed tape [stationery];Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes;Handbooks [manuals];Handwriting specimens for copying;Headed notepaper;Heat sensitive paper;Heat transfer paper;Heat transfers;Hectographs;Highlighter pens;Highlighters;Highlighting markers;Highlighting pens;Histological sections for teaching purposes;Holders for files;Holders for notepads;Holders for such sticky tapes;Illustrated notepads;India paper;Industrial packaging containers of paper;Ink ;Ink cartridges for pens;Ink erasers;Ink for pens;Ink for writing instruments;Ink pads;Ink pens;Ink reservoirs;Ink stamps;Ink sticks;Inking pads;Inks for pads;Instructional and teaching material (except apparatus);Instructional material (except apparatus);Invitation cards;Jackets for papers;Jackets of paper for books;Japanese handicraft paper;Kraft paper;Labels, not of textile;Labels of paper;Laser print paper;Laser printing paper;Leather book covers;Leather covered diaries;Letter clips;Letter paper [finished products];Letterhead paper;Lettering guides;Lettering stencils;Letters [type];Lever arch files;Linerboard for corrugated cardboard;Lining papers for packaging;Lining papers for wrapping;Loose leaf binders;Loose-leaf binders;Loose-leaf pads;Luminous paper;Magazine supplements for newspapers;Magazines [periodicals];Manuals [handbooks];Maps;Maps (Geographical -);Marking pens [stationery];Mechanical pencils;Memo blocks;Memo pads;Metallic gift wrap;Metallic gift wrapping paper;Modeling wax, not for dental purposes;Modelling clay;Modelling clays (Molds for -) [artists' materials];Modelling clays (Moulds for -) [artists' materials];Modelling materials;Modelling paste;Modelling wax, not for dental purposes;Molds for modelling clays [artists' materials];Money clips;Money clips of precious metals;Moulds for modelling clays [artists' materials];Napkins made of paper for household use;Napkins of cellulose for household purposes;Napkins of paper (Table -);Newsletters;Newspapers;Nibs;Nibs for writing instruments;Note books;Note pad holders;Note paper;Noteboards;Notebooks;Notelets;Notepads;Novels;Numbers [type];Office binders;Office hole punchers;Office paper stationery;Office staplers;Office stationery;Offset paper;Offset printing paper for pamphlets;Opaque paper;Packaging boxes of card;Packaging boxes of cardboard;Packaging boxes of paper;Packaging cartons of card;Packaging cartons of cardboard;Packaging containers of card;Packaging containers of paper;Packaging material made of starches;Packaging materials made from mineral-based paper substitutes;Packaging materials made of cardboard;Packaging wrappers of plastic;Packing cardboard;Packing cardboard containers;Packing containers of cardboard;Packing paper;Padded bags of card;Padded bags of paper;Pads of paper;Pads [stationery];Pads (Writing -);Page markers;Paint boxes;Paint boxes and brushes;Paint boxes [articles for use in school];Paint brushes;Paintbrushes;Painting books;Painting pencils;Painting sets for artists;Painting sets for children;Paintings and calligraphic works;Pamphlets;Pantographs [drawing instruments];Paper ;Paper;Paper badges;Paper bags;Paper bags and sacks;Paper bags for packaging;Paper baking cups;Paper banners;Paper bibs;Paper bows;Paper boxes;Paper bunting;Paper cake decorations;Paper clasps;Paper clips;Paper containers;Paper display boxes;Paper (Electro-cardiograph -);Paper fasteners;Paper flags;Paper folders;Paper folders [stationery];Paper for bags and sacks;Paper for use in the graphic arts industry;Paper for wrapping;Paper for wrapping and packaging;Paper for wrapping books;Paper gift bags;Paper gift tags;Paper gift wrap;Paper gift wrap bows;Paper gift wrapping ribbons;Paper labels;Paper name badges;Paper party bags;Paper party decorations;Paper pennants;Paper sheets for note taking;Paper sheets [stationery];Paper shopping bags;Paper signs;Paper stationery;Paper table covers;Paper table linen;Paper table napkins;Paper tablecloths;Paper tags;Paper (Waxed -);Paperboard boxes [for industrial packaging];Paperboard [cardboard];Paper-clips;Papers for use in the graphic arts industry;Parchment;Parchment paper;Paste for handicraft, for stationery or household purposes (banjaku-nori);Pasteboard;Pastel crayons;Pastels [crayons];Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes;Pastes for stationery or household purposes;Pen boxes;Pen cartridges;Pen cases;Pen clips;Pen nibs;Pen refills;Pen rests;Pen stands;Pen trays;Pen wipers;Pencil boxes;Pencil cases;Pencil erasers;Pencil holders;Pencil lead holders;Pencil lead refills;Pencil leads;Pencil ornaments [stationery];Pencil point protectors;Pencil sharpeners;Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric;Pencil sharpening machines;Pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric;Pencils;Pencils for colouring;Penholders;Pennants of paper;Pens;Pens for marking;Pens of precious metal;Personal organisers;Photo albums;Photo mounting corners;Photocopy paper;Photocopy papers;Photo-engravings;Photograph albums;Photograph corners;Photographic albums;Photographic prints;Photographs;Photographs [printed];Picture books;Picture postcards;Pictures;Pins [stationery];Placards of cardboard;Placards of paper;Placards of paper or cardboard;Planners [printed matter];Plastic bags for packaging;Plastic film for wrapping;Plastic foil for packaging;Plastic foil for wrapping;Plastic gift wrap;Plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes);Plastic wrap;Plastics for modelling;Pocket books [stationery];Pop-up books;Pop-up greetings cards;Portable printing sets;Post cards;Postcards;Postcards and picture postcards;Poster board;Posters;Posters made of paper;Pouches for writing instruments;Pouches of plastic for wrapping;Precious metal money clips;Price tags;Print characters;Printed calendars;Printed certificates;Printed emblems [decalomanias];Printed material in the nature of color samples;Printed matter;Printed publications;Printed recipe cards;Printers' letters [type];Printers' reglets;Printers' reglets [interline leads];Printers type;Printers' type;Printing blocks;Printing characters;Printing fonts;Printing paper;Printing type;Printing types;Proofing paper;Propelling pencils;Protective covers for books;Protractors [for stationery and office use];Publications (Printed -);Recipe books;Record cards;Recycled paper;Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes (funori);Reference cards;Refills for ballpoint pens;Reinforced stationery tabs;Removable self-stick notes;Removable tattoos [decalcomania];Reproductions (graphic-);Reproductions (Graphic -);Retractable pencils;Ribbons of paper;Ring binders;Ring files;Road maps;Roller ball pens;Rollerball pens;Rubber bands [stationery];Rubber erasers;Rubber stamps;Rubbers for erasing written text;Ruled paper [finished products];Rulers;Rulers (Drawing -);Rulers for drawing;Rulers (square-);Rulers (Square -);Scenery for use in film production;Scenery for use in television;Scenery for use in the theatre;School supplies [stationery];Score books;Score cards;Score charts;Score sheets;Score-books;Score-cards;Scoring cards;Scrap books;Scrapbooks;Scribble pads;Scribbling pads;Sculptures made from papier mache;Sealing compounds for stationery purposes;Sealing wax;Seals [stamps];Seals [stationery];Serviettes of paper;Set squares for drawing;Sharpeners (pencil-);Signboards of paper or cardboard;Silk screen prints;Silver paper;Sketch boards;Sketch books;Sketch pads;Sketchbooks;Sketching boards;Sketching pads;Slate pencils;Small blackboards;Spiral-bound notebooks;Spirit gum for stationery purposes;Square rulers;Square rulers for drawing;Squares (Drawing -);Stamp pad inks;Stamp pads;Stamping inks;Stands for pen and pencil;Stands for pens;Stands for pens and pencils;Stands for writing implements;Staple removers;Stapler holders;Staples for offices;Staples [stationery];Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes;Starches (Packaging material made of -);Stationery;Stationery boxes;Stationery cases;Steel pens;Steel pens [styluses or stencil pens];Stencil cases;Stencil paper [finished products];Stencil paper [mimeograph paper];Stencils;Stencils [stationery];Stenographers' note books;Sticker activity books;Sticker albums;Stickers [decalcomanias];Stickers [stationery];Sticky tape;Straight edges;Straight edges for drawing;Strategy guide books for card games;Table napkins of paper;Tablecloths of paper;Tables (Arithmetical -);Tables (Calculating -);Talking children's books;Tapes (adhesive-) [stationery];Teaching materials [except apparatus];Tee squares [drawing];Temporary tattoos;Textbooks;Thumbtacks [stationery];Tracing paper;Tracing papers;Trading cards;Transfer paper;Transfers;Transfers [decalcomanias];Transparencies [stationery];Triangles being drawing instruments;T-squares (Drawing -);Tubes (Cardboard -);Type [numerals and letters];Typeface;Typefaces;Vehicle bumper stickers;Vellum paper;Visiting cards;Vouchers;Wall calendars;Wall charts;Wall planners;Water colours [finished painting];Waterproof paper;Waterproofing film (plastic-) for packaging;Waterproofing film (plastic-) for wrapping;White paperboard;Whiteboard erasers;Whiteboards;Whiteboards having magnetic properties;Wood pulp board [stationery];Wood pulp paper;Wrappers [stationery];Wrapping foils for books;Wrapping materials made of card;Wrapping materials made of cardboard;Wrapping materials made of paper;Wrapping paper;Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments;Writing board erasers;Writing brushes;Writing cases [sets];Writing cases [stationery];Writing chalk;Writing implements;Writing ink;Writing instruments;Writing materials;Writing or drawing books;Writing pads;Writing paper;Writing paper holders;Writing paper pads;Writing stationery;Writing tablets;Year planners." 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