How to add Industry Intelligence service icons for iPad

If you're looking at this document from your iPad, simply click on the following link to install. Otherwise, enter this URL into your browser manually:

Once you're in...

1. Add to Home Screen

Click the "+" button next to the address bar then click on "Add to Home Screen".


Rename "Industry Intel" with "IndustryIntel Monitors" then click the "Add" button at the top right of the box.

select recipients recipients added

2. Rearrange

To move your newly created icon, select it and hold down for three (3) seconds. You can now drag it to your desired position or to the dock (as seen in picture).

save for later preview

3. Finalize

Click the "Home" button to set.

save for later

To add additional icons for different components of our service, repeat this process. He are a few useful pages: