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Argentina once again considering new packaging laws; according to a new roadmap, companies could implement returnable systems, implement collection systems at their own expense or pay a 3% environmental tax for recycling programs in each municipality

Commentary: UK government 'stalling' on EPR for packaging more than four years after it began consulting on plans; it is 'politically interesting' to require waste collection and recycling, but not collect waste from households because it's more expensive

Connecticut governor announces proposal for EPR for packaging; EPR would require packaging producers to take responsibility for the waste materials generated from their products, incentivizing greater recyclability and reuse of materials

Environmentalists criticize UK deposit return scheme, which excludes glass under EPR; critics say excluding glass may create unnecessary cross-border issues, while proponents say consistent curbside collections can achieve 90% glass recycling rate

Deposit return scheme planned for England, Northern Ireland, Wales by 2025 for plastic, canned drink containers--but not glass, which will be covered by EPR; schemes in Germany, Finland have resulted in 90% recycling rates, compared to UK's current 70%

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