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Scientists develop nonwoven with printed conductive polymer layer for wetness detection in diapers, sanitary pads; smart, wearable fabric helps prevent rashes, infections by alerting nearby mobile device when saturated, and it does not require batteries

Scientists develop flexible, lightweight, 'robust' nanogenerator for electronic devices made from polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers electrospun into nonwoven fabrics; generator's output up to 15.5 V, or 15 times higher than pristine PVDF nanofabrics

FDA approves Alimetry’s Gastric Alimetry non-invasive wearable device that performs high-resolution recording of digestive patterns from skin surface in clinical setting, delivers report via the cloud; stomach disorders affect 8% of world’s population

Scientists create modified polyacrylonitrile nanofibers for stretchable strain sensors to use in wearable electronic devices, such as health monitors, interfaces for human-computer interactions, flexible robots; sensitivity persists after 10,000 bends

PharmaTher partners with CC Biotechnology to develop wearable ketamine delivery device that combines PharmaTher’s ketamine formulation with CCBIO’s Felice Dose wearable subcutaneous injector; device aimed at mental health, neurological, pain disorders

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