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European scientists review potential UV-curable biobased polymers derived from industrial pulp, paper processes; lignin, rosin, terpenes have possible UV-curing applications for thermoset production with fast cure, less energy use, elimination of solvents

Real Milk Paint’s Citrus Solvent has been recalled due to not meeting labelling requirements and child-resistant packaging requirements of the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001 under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

BASF names Univar Solutions as exclusive distributor for BASF’s pure methyl formate in the US and Canada; methyl formate is used in production of PU and acts as a solvent in a variety of applications

Pakistan's National University of Science and Technology researchers design MATLAB program to rapidly analyze polymer solubility in different solvents; program can assist recycling, fabrication of plastics such as polymer monoliths, membrane filters

University of California and Northwestern University researchers identify method to destroy PFAS or 'forever chemicals' using lye, commonly used in soap, and an organic solvent; method leaves behind fluoride ions that are easy to remove

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