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ITP Foods of Malaysia commercializes a flexible food packaging employing a proprietary Toray waterless electron beam offset printing system that's free of VOCs, reduces CO2 emissions; applications include refillable pouches for foods, shampoos, detergents

Study finds birch sap can act as solvent, plasticizer for casein-, gelatine-based food packaging films; sap improves films' mechanical, photoprotective properties, antioxidant capacity to almost 90%, iron-chelating capacity up to 50% for curcumin storage

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Receives Eastman Chemical's Patent Application for Olefin Hydroformylation Processes Using Hydrocarbon Solvents and Fluorinated Solvents in the Presence of Phospholane-Phosphite Ligands

Study finds biodegradable poly mandelic acid production has higher environmental impact than PS; two routes for PMA synthesis show phenyl-dioxolanone process has slightly lower impacts, but both are still sizeable due to mandelic acid, solvent use

DIC launches high-performance, environment-friendly HYDRAN GP series resins to reduce GHG emissions and volatile organic compounds, offering sustainable alternative to solvent-based products in various applications like artificial leather and coatings

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