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XSYS releases complete guide of best practices in use of washout solvents for consistent plate quality; guide highlights importance of maintaining right balance of components in special type of solvent, such as XSYS nylosolv A, used in flexo plate making

Green Science Alliance announces development of procedure to extract rare metals from cathode and black mass of lithium ion batteries; process utilizes a natural deep eutectic solvent, a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative, company says

Scientists recycle nylon without solvents or toxic chemicals; process uses lanthanum trisamido catalyst, 'moderate' temperature of 240°C to recover nylon-6 monomer caprolactam at 95% selectivity, more than 90% yield: Northwestern University

'Recycle Content Mixed Esters And Solvents' in Patent Application Approval Process (USPTO 20220380680)

Eastman Chemical Co Files Patent Application for Recycle Content Mixed Esters and Solvents

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