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New Zealand seeks public input on draft Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan; forestry minister says increasing domestic wood processing capability, developing woody biomass industry will drive sector growth, create jobs, cut GHGs

Biobased fiber producer Kraig Biocraft Labs receives business license to begin operations in Lam Dong Province, the center of Vietnam's silk production; region provides company local access to 47 unique species of silkworms, multiple mulberry varieties

Henan University researchers develop silk nonwoven fabric modified with conductive carbon nanotubes for use as wearable strain sensor system, electronic skin; flexible sensor can detect real-time motion, strain as low as 0.05%, 'ultra-low' 10 Pa pressure

Swedish scientists develop novel poplar clones with superior growth on marginal land in northern climates; their novel value chain for producing textiles and biofuel can release land for food production by reducing demand for water-intensive cotton

Scientists develop aerogel fabric to passively heat human body in cold environments, without energy input; 1.29-mm-thick fabric contains silver coating, composite fiber layers, exhibits 'excellent' thermal insulation, is lightweight, porous, self-cleaning

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