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Tropical forest birds with short, round wings more sensitive to habitat fragmentation, not good at relocating; temperate forest birds more built for dispersal include woodpeckers, robins, jays, cardinals, owls, turkeys, hawks and eagles: study

University of Queensland publishes study titled 'Accelerating bioleaching of tungsten mining wastes using indigenous acidophilic bacteria'

University of Queensland researchers develop chemical creation platform based on cubane rather than hydrocarbons; innovation could enable development of pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals that aren't always compatible with hydrocarbons

University of Queensland scientists will look for toxic PFAS in compostable paper packaging for food; study is focused on ‘greener’ packaging options that have filled the void created by bans on single-use plastics

Researchers at Australia's University of Queensland introduce simple, effective technique to remove PFAS from water; method uses a magnet and a reusable absorption aid to clear 95% of PFAS from contaminated water within one minute

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