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Turkish company Wastea transforms dry tea waste into animal-free leather alternative; tea stems, leaves, and buds are processed into bio-based material suitable for fashion, automotive industries;

PLA-based films made from spent coffee grounds extracts show promise as active food packaging for refrigerated foods, increasing shelf life, enhancing gas barrier properties; high-pressure and -temperature extraction demonstrated best results

New Seasons Market develops software tracking system, innovative tactics to reduce food waste, generate additional revenue streams; grocer participates in the Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment aiming to halve regional food waste by 2030

Walmart partners with Bamboo Rose to develop, implement enterprise sourcing platform; ESP is designed to streamline supply chain, eliminate waste in categories such as perishable goods, open doors for products to be sold in connected markets

Packaging can play a greater role in keeping produce and other foods fresh, thereby minimizing food waste, especially if consumers can better understand those packaging technologies: Michigan State University School of Packaging research

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