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Packaging Design Wrap-Up: Designer introduces edible food packaging concept made of algae; Chipotle launches fan-inspired scented candle that resembles its water cup; Cabinet Health offers stylish refillable bottles for medicine

Design student in Israel creates NakedPak, an edible and dissolvable food film out of algae that can replace plastic and paper packaging and encase sauces and spices for convenience; NakedPak is clear and tasteless, can be manufactured in 2D or 3D sheets

Xampla launches technology that enables brands to micropackage vitamins within beverages without risk of degradation during transit or storage; the natural technology wraps a microscopic droplet of vitamin oil in plant-based material to guard the vitamin

Chile-based Blups is developing edible paper that can be printed on with edible or vegetable ink, and edible packaging for different companies to use in the packaging of their food; company launched in 2020, selling vegan and biodegradable straws

Red Bull, skin care brand Haeckels develop edible cups in the UK in an effort to reduce plastic waste at festivals, improve health; the cups are infused with spirulina, ginger and blueberry to boost energy and digestion, break down in soil if discarded

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