I just wanted to acknowledge the amazing work you do on behalf of Reel Time. I've been in the industry now for almost 36 years... reeltime page 1Your information and predictions are spot on and give folks a chance to reflect and better anticipate the future. I think you're right, as exemplified by your newsprint commentary, that the business, out of necessity, is changing the paradigm. I'm pretty sure woodfree coated and uncoated are next. Thanks for your joy and passion in pursuing the vision. It's fun to follow."

– CEO, North American Newsprint producer

reeltime page 2"As major purchasers of coated papers we find [Verle's] analysis to be well thought out with relevant backup documentation to support his views. These views, along with other information that we gather, assist us greatly in the ways we conduct our business. Even in those times wherein Verle has gone on to express his opinions in great depth we have always found them to be thought-provoking because they a) come from a writer with extensive experience in the paper and forest products industry and b) relate intimately to our business."

– Director of Paper Purchasing, major weekly news magazine

reeltime page 3"I want to commend you on the newsprint report in the recent Reel Time. Accolades on your knowledge of value-added grades have always been justified in my view...

– Paper purchasing, newspaper publisher

What is The Reel Time Report?

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Reel Time is a 12-page, monthly analytical report that provides the best available independent analysis of publication-grade paper markets, i.e. newsprint, value-added groundwood grades and coated grades.

Behind Reel Time is Verle Sutton, a 20-year veteran of the paper industry. Verle's strong analytical ability and paper industry experience give Reel Time an inside perspective on the issues that shape paper markets worldwide.

Whats inside:

  • Independent and insightful market analysis of all publication grades, from newsprint up through coated
  • Insightful analysis and commentary on issues facing the forest products industry
  • Access to Forestweb's corporate-wide news and data services
  • Prices for pulp and publication grades, reported as market prices move
  • Forecast and market outlook by grade for the next 12 to 18 months

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